2020 Dr. Sherrill Brown Award Winner - Karen Baretta!

Congratulations to the 2020 Dr. Sherrill Brown Award winner, Karen Baretta! Over the years, she has made an impact on everybody who interacts with her. Her nomination letters had many comments on her work throughout the years, we would like to highlight a couple of them below:

• Karen Baretta is first and foremost passionate about quality early learning and child care. I think you will hear/read that word, passionate, a lot about Karen. She brings her passion for high quality child care to everything she does in her current work as she did in her past endeavours. Karen has been the Executive Director of AELCS since November 2011 and has provided strong leadership to the entire AELCS team and to the early learning and child care field in Alberta.

• We each enthusiastically and unreservedly support Karen’s nomination for the Dr. Sherrill Brown award of Distinction. In fact, it is hard to think of a more fitting person this year to receive an award created to honor such a notable advocate for accreditation.

• I first met Karen several years ago when she was a Coach for ARCQE. In my work as an ARCQE mentor with her, I was always struck by her ability to connect with the people in the child care centres she was supporting in the Accreditation process. Her commitment to the field and quality was evident as she provided support, resources, encouragement, and advice to child care directors and owners. I have a high regard for her ability to create relationships with centres going through accreditation and her commitment to quality, child-staff interactions in particular.

Thank you for your commitment and dedication to the field, Karen!