AECEA Board Member Applications

The Association of Early Childhood Educators of Alberta’s nominating committee is pleased to invite AECEA’s members and other interested individuals to submit a nomination form to serve on the AECEA’s Board of Directors. Elected board members will serve a term of up to three years.

Candidates must have a good understanding of AECEA and a strong desire to transform Alberta’s early childhood educator workforce into a recognized profession. AECEA’s vision is that well-qualified, well-compensated early childhood educators are respected as professionals, valued for their important work, and supported in providing high-quality child care for Alberta’s children and families. Board members work hard towards seeing this vision become reality.

AECEA provides board members with an opportunity to learn and gain experience in areas such as: leadership, public policy, finance, research, data collection and system planning. Opportunities to engage in policy decisions, board development and attend local, provincial and national meetings are also an added benefit.

What You Bring:

AECEA’s board members are expected to possess some of the following skills:

  • Inherent leadership, interpersonal and analytical skills
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Strategic planning, development and project implementation skills
  • The ability to work collaboratively at a board, community and system level
  • The ability to think at a systems level, while having some understanding of centre-based child care, out-of-school care, family day homes and preschools
  • The ability to undertake, review or summarize research and document findings
  • Understanding of how to advance a workforce into a profession
  • Knowledge and skills in finance, public policy, research, communications, human resources, early years pedagogy, board governance or other expert fields

The Commitment:

AECEA Board members will need to:

  • Commit a minimum of 5-10 hours a month of preparation and meeting time
  • Commit to, contribute to and participate in regular Board and Committee meetings, both in person and online
  • Commit to completing Board and Committee work between meetings
  • Fulfill all of the duties and responsibilities of being an AECEA board member, including:
    • Determining the mission, purpose and strategies, policies and priorities
    • Ensuring compliance with laws and regulations
    • Planning, monitoring and evaluating the work of the organization
    • Financial oversight of organization’s resources
    • Selecting, overseeing, monitoring and evaluating the organization’s staff members

AECEA seeks to balance the geographic representation of our board to reflect the communities it serves so would welcome board members from outside of Edmonton and Calgary.

In order for a Nominee to be considered the application must include:

  • A CV or resume that demonstrates an awareness of and/or experience in early learning and care or specific knowledge which would support AECEA’s vision, mission and strategic direction. 
  • An introductory letter that speaks to the nominee's commitment and support of AECEA, its vision, mission and strategic goals.

Nominees will be contacted by the AECEA Nominating Committee to conduct a phone interview. Nominees will be considered at AECEA’s Annual General Meeting to be held in September 2019.

The application submission deadline is August 15, 2019.

Please submit your application using the following online form:

Submit Application