AECEA Connect - August 26, 2020 | Association of Early Childhood Educators of Alberta

AECEA Connect - August 26, 2020


In this session, we were joined by Corine Ferguson, Nikki Meyer, and Alison Rinas with the Alberta Resource Centre for Quality Enhancement (ARCQE). Corine, Nikki, and Alison shared information about the expansion of their Pedagogical Partners Project, their new Flight: Alberta's Early Learning and Care Framework professional learning series, and other support services they offer.

Check out ARCQE's website at For questions about any of ARCQE's programs, email them at or call them at 1-866-429-4930.

In ARCQE's presentation for AECEA connect,  it was indicated that there was a discontinuation of ASaP involvement as part of all of curriculum framework support. We have heard that this created some confusion in how ASaP supports continue to be provided. Please be assured that ASaP continues to be a partner in supporting child care programs and will continue to grow in their work across the province.

For further information specific to each program, please visit:

GRIT program website at:
ARCQE website at: