AECEA Dr. Sherrill Brown Award of Distinction


In recognition of outstanding contributions to the Alberta Early Learning and Child Care Community

The Association of Early Childhood Educators of Alberta is pleased to present the

2020 AECEA Dr. Sherrill Brown Award of Distinction


Award recipients must have made outstanding contributions in one or more of the following areas:

  • Involvement with the Child Care Community
    • The nomination should describe and provide evidence of the nominee's involvement and/or impact with families, and the child care community.
  • Commitment to the Field
    • The nomination should describe and provide evidence of the nominee's ongoing commitment to improve the child care profession and enhance the abilities of others in the field
  • Innovation
    • The nomination should describe and provide evidence of the nominee's use of creative approaches to support and advance quality child care; locally, provincially and/or federally.


The AECEA Award of Distinction will be administered to the following guidelines and nominees must comply with these guidelines. They will be deemed to have read and understood the requirements if they participate in the awards nomination process.

  • Nominations can be made by individuals who are a:
    • ​​resident of Alberta;
    • 18 years of age or older; and
    • not related to the nominee.
  • Nominee's involvement in child care must be within the province of Alberta.
  • Individuals may nominate an Albertan on their own behalf or on behalf of an Alberta based organization, agency, government office, business or group.
  • Nominations, including all supporting material become the property of AECEA and will not be returned.
  • Nominations that are incomplete or do not comply with these guidelines may be disqualified. AECEA takes no responsibility for incomplete, inaccurate, lost, or late nominations.
  • Nominee's must meet eligibility criteria outlined in this package.
  • Nominations cannot be submitted without the digital consent of the nominee.
  • Selection and publicity about the award recipient will be conducted in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Personal information about the nominators and nominees is collected for the sole purpose of administering the award.
  • By digitally signing the nomination form, each nominator and nominee:
    • ​​agrees to abide by the guidelines that govern the Award of Distinction;
    • consents to having their photograph taken for awards related publicity purposes;
    • consents to the use of their name, community, photograph, and nomination material in any award related publicity carried out by the Association of Early Childhood Educators of Alberta; and
    • consents to participating in the award related activities and functions, including the award ceremony, in the event they are chosen as the award recipient.
  • Decisions made by the Award Selection Committee are final.


To be eligible, all nominees must:

  • Hold a current AECEA membership
  • Have contributed as a leader with Alberta's child care community over a significant period of time (10-year minimum)
  • Have demonstrated professional excellence in one or more of the following areas:
    • ​Leading practice
    • Awareness, advancement & promotion
    • Partnership
    • Research
    • Leadership
    • Education


Nominators must be any person or group with direct knowledge of the nominee's contribution to the field. 

Selection Process

Award recipients are chosen by the 2020 Award Selection Committee; composed of representation from the AECEA Board Members. The award recipient will be honoured at the AECEA Essential Pieces Conference, taking place on April 25, 2020 in Calgary.



Fill out the AECEA Dr. Sherrill Brown Award of Distinction Nomination Form and ensure you have the following supporting documents prepared to attach to the form. Please note, the nomination form will not be accepted in any other format than the nomination form on the website; no emailed, mailed, or faxed nominations will be considered. The nomination form must be consented to by both the nominee and the nominator.

  • The nominator will write a 1-2 page letter outlining the achievements of the nominee related to the selection criteria
  • The nominator will collect 2-3 letters of support which highlight the achievements of the nominee
  • The nominator will acquire the nominee's most current resume showing total years in the field.

All nominators and nominees will receive an email confirming their nomination was received. Award recipients and their successful nominators will be contacted when selected. Please ensure that all spelling is correct on the form.


If you have any questions, call or email the Association of Early Childhood Educators of Alberta:

Phone: (780) 421-7544
Toll-free: 1 (877) 421-9937