The Alberta Child Care Commission Request Has Been Sent to Government!

On September 14, 2017 a group of leaders and organizations sent off a child care commission request to Minister Larivee, the Minister of Children's Services. The group has been working hard to promote the best interests of children, parents, and educators alike. This is a step towards creating an effective child care system in Alberta, to show your support go to and sign your name. The more unified the workforce is in our thoughts and desires, the better we can advise government on our needs.

To read the commission, go here.

Thank you to the people who put their time and efforts into creating and endorsing this:

  • Nicki Dublenko, Association of Early Childhood Educators of Alberta;
  • Staci Wilson, School Age Care Directors Association of Alberta;
  • Joel French, Public Interest Alberta;
  • Siobhan Vipond, Alberta Federation of Labour;
  • Ryan Sabourin;
  • Susan Garrow-Oliver;
  • Shefali Geoffroy Chateau;
  • Sandra Pallister;
  • Karen Baretta;
  • Carolyn Bjartvet;
  • Karen Szabo-Mcgregor;