Alberta Status of Women announces two new grant funding streams

Advancing gender equality is a priority for the Government of Alberta. Fairness and equality are fundamental human rights for all, and making progress towards gender equality contributes to healthy families, businesses and communities.

In order to better support your work in communities to advance gender equality in our province, Alberta Status of Women has created two new streams under our 2018/19 Community Grant Program.

  • The Seed stream provides up to $10,000 to new or emerging community organizations to build their capacity as they pilot innovative initiatives.
  • The Systemic stream provides up to $100,000 to established community organizations to develop and publish tools, resources or products that address systemic gender equalities.  

These Community Grant Programs provide one-time funding to not-for-profit and charitable organizations for projects and activities that improve the lives of women and girls in Alberta and relate to one or more priority areas:

  • increasing women’s economic security
  • increasing women in leadership and democratic participation
  • preventing and responding to gender-based violence

Please see the links below for more information and consider applying for a Status of Women community grant:

Status of Women Grant website

For information about the Seed Stream Grant application please go to the link below:

For information about the Systemic Stream Grant application please go to the link below: