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ALIGN Leadership Bursary - ALIGN Leadership Bursary for Non-Accredited Programs/Courses

The purpose of this Leadership Bursary is to foster future leadership capacity by enabling senior organizational leaders to participate in formal education and professional development programs that enhance their ability to lead their organization and the field. The focus will be to develop or enhance leadership skills and innovation in service delivery and development, human resource management, organizational excellence and fiscal management. Tuition costs for non-accredited programs are a max. $5,000 and do not cover travel costs. This bursary can be granted throughout the year. This can be a course, workshop, conference etc. but must be leadership focused. Please note the intention it to support leadership courses. This NOT a practice (counselling, NMT, trauma, etc.) enhancement bursary.

Eligibility Requirements:

For all bursaries, applicants must:

  • Currently work as a senior staff member in a supervisory leadership role
  • Work in a Non-Government Organization (NGO) whose primary responsibility is to serve clients through the Children Services delivery system
  • Have worked in this organization a minimum of one year
  • Be employed by an organization/agency that is contracted by Children Services, to provide services

Organizations must:

Have contracted funding from the Government of Alberta through Children Services and be responsible for providing direct services to clients through the service delivery system.


  • You don’t have to be a member of ALIGN, but you do have to provide services that are part of Children Services through contract or grant.
  • Send the course outline or brochure with the application.
  • We require the exact costs. The agency or individual must pay for the tuition and provide a receipt. They will be reimbursed once submitted.


  • Fill in the ALIGN Bursary Application Form. The ED or CEO must sign the form so we know that this is part of the plan for your agency.
  • Send that to
  • You will receive a response back to your request within 4 weeks of receiving the request.

For more information, go here.

*AECEA makes every effort to ensure this information is up to date. Please consult original documentation/website to confirm accuracy*