ARCQE - Professional Learning Community (PLC) - Administrative Series for Directors & Administrators

Changes are coming soon to the Canadian Childcare System. The important, and already challenging, role of the early childhood director is taking on new dimensions. While sources of revenue may ease, managing expansion of childcare slots, staff and expectations will present new challenges. Now is the time to assess your own skill areas and build competence and confidence to successfully manage your changing organization and accountabilities, with special focus on managing time and finances through this evolutionary time. Get ahead of coming changes and be a well prepared leader in the roll-out of a new childcare system.
In this series participants learn through:
  1. Identify essential skills for effectively leading and managing an early childhood organization
  2. Explore anticipated changes in the director's role and essential skills with anticipated changes to the Canadian childcare system
  3. Self-Assess own current levels of organizational, management, leadership and financial skills
  4. Create a personal professional development plan based on self-assessment and emerging skill needs
  5. Enhance essential skills in two commonly needed skill development areas - time management and financial management
Online via Zoom
Date & Time:
June 14 & 21, 2022 10:00 am-11:00 am
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