Bilateral Agreement Extended & Federal Workforce Funding

Today, the Government of Alberta and the Federal Government announced the extension of the last bilateral agreement - primarily going into subsidy - and limited information on the workforce dollars that were announced in the September 23, 2020 speech from the throne. The workforce investment will include a $56M, one-time transfer from the federal government which will include:

  1. $25.7 million to support quality and access through skills training, professional development and resources to enhance existing initiatives

  2. $20.6 million to support workforce recovery and retention strategies 

Please note, this announcement is not related to the $30B federal investment in system building across Canada. That funding is still to be negotiated by the Governments of Alberta and Canada.

Specific details on these two workforce categories have not been made publicly available at this time. In March 2021, AECEA and the Alberta Early Learning and Care Leaders Caucus (ALC) presented a workforce strategy to the Alberta government with a recommendation on how the funds could be used to support early childhood educators and programs, to read the Early Learning and Child Care Workforce Initiatives document, go here.