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CCCF Release - Throne Speech Signals a Bold Vision for Childcare in Canada

SEPTEMBER 23, 2020

 OTTAWA—In the Throne Speech delivered today, Canada’s federal government underscored that access to high quality childcare is an essential pillar of Canada’s economic restart and recovery. The Canadian Child Care Federation sees it as a bold and critical step in support and action for women, children and Canada’s early learning and childcare sector.

Canada’s federal government will be taking a stronger role in actively supporting childcare, both financially and via evidence-based policy, across Canada –its impact is set to be transformational and is supported by business, labour and Canada’s childcare sector. It builds equity in the access of quality services for all Canadian families and will break down a major barrier for women participating in the workforce or returning to work. Ultimately these new measures will rebuild and drive a more modern and competitive economy. Without women in the workforce our economy will not meet its full potential and recovery.

“The federal government saw the evidence, listened and has acted, to lay a solid foundation for childcare in Canada,” said CCCF CEO Don Giesbrecht. “It is a historic day, one that has been a long time in coming. We look forward to working with Canada’s federal government in ensuring that the path forward provides the highest quality, is safe, and includes Canada’s early learning and childcare workforce — with over 250,000 women. The current pandemic has revealed cracks in what has been for too long, an unstable foundation with sporadic support to childcare services across Canada.”

The next steps will be to help steer the government policy into actions when the federal budget is announced and to make sure that in addition to equality for women and supporting families, that children and their rights are at the core of decisions and system building.

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