CCN: A Canada-wide Child Care System would pay for itself: study

Child care doesn’t cost. It pays.

  • 200,000 new jobs over 10 years in the child care sector
  • Another 100,00 jobs in industries that support and supply the sector
  • $17 to $29 billion per year in additional government revenues

These are the direct economic benefits to the economy from implementing a Canada-wide child care system — the sort envisioned in this year’s speech from the throne — over ten years.

This is the word from a new study by noted economist Jim Stanford, Director of the Centre for Future Work.

The study, released Nov. 25, 2020 says a Canada-wide child care program would also create greater equality, boost regional and rural economic development and bring long term health and well-being benefits for future generations.

“High-quality ELCC benefits children, parents, society and the economy, spurring job creation and GDP growth. For women, in particular, and for low income and racialized families – and rural communities – it’s a game changer” says Child Care Now Executive Director Morna Ballantyne.