Child care during COVID-19 – Provinces/territories Operation of services, emergency services and funding

This table provides summary information about provincial/territorial initiatives and responses to child care in the COVID-19 pandemic in Canada

All provinces and territories have provided some funding support to closed child care programs except for Alberta. Currently, Alberta is only providing funding to programs that have been reopened to support essential service workers or family day home agencies. Provincial survey results show that 75% of programs in Alberta will need to close in the next 1- 3 months if they do not receive some type of funding support. AECEA and other stakeholders have requested the province provide a temporary operating allowance up to 20% per space for closed programs. Survey respondents have indicated that funding support up to 20% per space will allow the program to stay viable and reopen post pandemic.

This table provides a comparative analysis of the different approaches by provinces of addressing the COVID-12 pandemic.