Child Care Now - Make the Throne Speech Pledge on Childcare Into Reality

Child Care Now is celebrating the federal government’s pledge in the recent Speech from the Throne to build a Canada-system of early learning and child care designed to give all children access to high quality, inclusive and affordable early childhood education and child care.

However, we now have a lot of work to do to make sure that the federal government adopts the right child care strategy and makes a sufficient, sustained, long-term financial commitment to support its pledge.

Now is the time to let your Member of Parliament know that you want the Government of Canada and Parliament to put in place Child Care Now’s federal plan to make early learning and child care for ALL a reality.

Please: email or phone your MP:

Let your MP know you:

  • support Child Care Now’s Strategy for Recovery
  • are one of their constituents
  • expect a personal response to your message

Our plan calls for immediate increased federal support for the safe restart of licensed child care programs and a variety of measures to bring back enrolment to pre-pandemic levels. We also want work to begin immediately to build the promised Canada-wide system of early learning and child care. This will require a big multi-year spending commitment in the next federal budget. Please read the plan to get the details so that you can communicate them to your MP.