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Community Mental Health Learning Immersion Online Training Session for Business

Imagine Institute for Learning in conjunction with the Community Mental Health Action Plan offers this series of mental health training sessions tailored for businesses. As an integral part of every community, businesses work closely with community members, on a daily basis. These sessions are intended to help business owners and employees  increase their understanding of some common mental health challenges they may face in their work, while providing strategies to help them support positive mental health in their community.   

These sessions are tailored for businesses.  Each session is 3 hours in duration.

Morning Session Options

Compassion to Action – In order to decrease instances of intensive intervention and create a more strength-based approach we need to first implement preventative and responsive strategies in our interactions with vulnerable and marginalized individuals.  Research has shown that supportive relationship-based interventions can decrease recidivism and increase social connections that lead to long term positive change.  This training will equip professionals with awareness and strategies around identifying needs, mitigating risks and increasing connections with the vulnerable populations that frequent their space.

Social Compass – exits to explore physical, social and emotional challenges that employees and employers may be experiencing when returning to the workplace during the pandemic.  It is an opportunity to explore ways to help workplace communities identify areas in which teams may be struggling to reconnect after Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted.

Afternoon Session Options

What does Mental Health Look Like in Business?  We’ve all been at a place of business and noticed unusual behaviour of others.  This session explores what some businesses are doing to support staff and patrons that my be experiencing mental health challenges.  It explores the question; How can a business be trauma-informed?

Life Happens! – Strategies to Support Caregivers in the Workplace – This interactive session provides a template to support groups and organizations that may be looking for a plan to become more action-oriented in relation to supporting the mental health of those around them.  We explore what is flexible and fair, what is productive vs. non-productive in the terms of mental health practices.


Online via Zoom

Date & Time:

November 9, 2020 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

For more information and to register, go here.