Cora and the Corona - A Book for Children on the Coronavirus

Cora Dernederlanden was worn down because she couldn't see her friends or go to school, was missing her usual activities and stuck in the house.

It was a feeling many people can identify with.

"When she was crying, I said, 'Well, you should write a story,'" says her mom, Christine. "And the next minute, she went out onto the deck and I didn't hear from her.

Then she came back — and she's only eight, but in teenage fashion she threw it at me like, 'Here you go, I wrote a story.'"

Now just more than a month later, the St. Catharines girl's story has been printed in book form with 10,000 copies. It's called "Cora and the Corona: One Little Girl's Journey in Healing in Quarantine."

Just more than 3,000 copies have already been shipped across Canada to help other kids dealing with the fallout from COVID-19.

"I just started writing" and it wasn't hard work, says Cora. It felt good to get it out, she adds, "but I'm still pretty sad to be locked in the house."


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