The Early Childhood Coalitions of Alberta Report for 2017 has been released | Association of Early Childhood Educators of Alberta

The Early Childhood Coalitions of Alberta Report for 2017 has been released

2017 was an action-packed year for members and partners of Early Childhood Coalitions of Alberta (ECCA), FCSSAA support staff and the triministry partnership between Ministries of Community and Social Services, Health and Education.

Coalitions are made up of cross-sectoral teams that focus on early childhood and use the Early Development Instrument (EDI) data, as available, to support local decision-making and collaborative planning. Coalitions have been active in developing and delivering essential information to families and stakeholders that highlight how we all can contribute to optimal child development.

Throughout 2017, FCSSAA continued to refine and progress a variety of strategies for connecting with and supporting the diverse needs of Coalitions. Grant management, training and resource development remain key components of the support provided to ECCA members.

CoLab-Online, a social intranet available to members, has increased collaboration and information sharing between Coalitions and FCSSAA support staff. Using CoLab has allowed for efficient and effective communication among all contributing members through customized online spaces that store main documents, shareable resources and discussions.

The ECCA Support Team Community Liaisons have ensured that resources are available to support Coalitions along their journey. Liaisons foster momentum by recognizing member contributions, celebrating strength-based collaborative efforts and supporting situations as they arise. Liaisons also connect Coalitions to encourage mentorship, the sharing of resources and alignment of ideas and share back learning with FCSSAA and the tri-ministry team.

FCSSAA acknowledges and appreciates the support and guidance to ECCA provided by the Ministries. This valuable partnership reflects the recognition that every community is unique and that community members are essential partners in building capacity to better support children and families.

To view the full report, go here.