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Child Development Supervisor Professional Development Funding

The AECEA has applied to and received a grant from the Ministry of Children's Services to support the ongoing professional learning of Child Development Supervisors across Alberta. Up to $150,000 is awarded under this funding program per year.

Child Development Supervisors (CDS) looking to attend approved post-secondary courses/programs or other ongoing professional learning may apply to the AECEA for professional development funding to help cover tuition or program fees.

Funding Stream

Maximum Funding Per CDS 

Post-secondary courses/programs

Up to $1,000 per year

Workshops & conferences

Up to $150 year

Professional Learning Communities  

Up to $1,000 per year


PD Funding Application Form 

PD Funding Fact Sheet

A reflection form must be submitted within two weeks of attending your professional development before payment is issued to your organization. Please use the link below. 

Reflection Form