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Child Development Supervisor Professional Development Funding

The AECEA has applied to and received a grant from the Ministry of Children's Services to support the ongoing professional learning of Child Development Supervisors across Alberta. Up to $217,500 is awarded under this funding program per year.

Child Development Supervisors (CDS) looking to attend approved post-secondary courses/programs or other ongoing professional learning may apply to the AECEA for professional development funding to help cover tuition fees, conference and workshop registration fees, or the costs to participate in a professional learning community.


Funding Stream

Maximum Funding Per CDS 

Post-secondary courses/programs

Up to $1,000 per year

Workshops & conferences

Up to $150 year

Professional Learning Communities  

Up to $1,000 per year


Please be advised, our funding for professional learning communities has been fully depleted, no further applications can be approved under that funding stream

PD Funding Application Form 

PD Funding Fact Sheet

A reflection form must be submitted within two weeks of attending your professional development before payment is issued to your organization. Please use the link below. 

Reflection Form