Professional Practice

Family Focus


Children learn and thrive in early learning and care programs. Early childhood educators engage with children and their families on a daily basis, often over years. Through consistent engagement with families, educators have the opportunity to positively influence child and family well-being.

Early Childhood Educator evidence-based practice is guided by sound foundational knowledge of child development, play-based learning, child well-being, healthy nutrition and physical activity environments, meaningful routines, and an understanding of various family dynamics. Educators view children as competent and capable beings and facilitate positive learning dispositions. Educators plan and carry out well-designed learning experiences based on their essential early learning and care knowledge. Learning environments are inspired by keen observation and reflection based on the uniqueness of each child and their family.

Alberta's curriculum framework, Flight, was developed by a team of faculty members at MacEwan University - Lee Makovichuk, Janes Hewes, Patricia Lirette, and Nancy Thomas. With support from the provincial government, faculty at MacEwan University and Mount Royal University worked with the field to develop and pilot this project in different communities in Alberta. The Curriculum Framework's aim is to help guide the practice of early childhood educators and is an invitation to think about, reflect on, and examine what educators say and do while working and building relationships with children, their families, and other educators.

Flight - Alberta's Early Learning and Care Framework - English

Flight - Alberta's Early Learning and Care Framework - French