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Jan 25 2022 IIFL - Trauma-Informed Care (2 Day Training)

Trauma is part of the human experience and working from a trauma-informed lens acknowledges the prevalence of trauma within the population.

Jan 26 2022 IIFL - Workplace Wellness Level 1: Connection

This 3-hour interactive session is for those employed in the human services sector whose working conditions and identities as workers have been changed and challenged by the pandemic.

Jan 26 2022 IIFL - Pedagogical Practice: Planning & Playing

Children's learning is best supported through exploration of their interests with meaningful engagement. Within this 2-hour session participants will explore the philosophy of pedagogical process, also known as how learning takes place.

Jan 28 2022 IIFL - Boundaries Training

Many challenges within relationship-based practice come from the lack of healthy boundaries or the rigid application of boundaries.

Feb 03 2022 IIFL - TALK - The Always Learning Kommunity talks Boundaries

At Imagine Institute for Learning we are always looking for ways to deepen our own learning and support others to do the same. We love training, but we know that it is only the beginning of the learning process.

Feb 04 2022 GRIT - Re-thinking Teaming - the Primary Service Provider Approach

Join us as we unpack the following with Shelden and Rush:
     * Defining what the Primary Service Approach is

     * Understanding why a shift in how teams work, is critical to outcomes for children and families

Feb 09 2022 Workplace Wellness Level 2: Preservation

This 3-hour interactive session builds on the reflective work completed in Level 1 and aims to support employees with practical tools to enhance their workplace wellness during these challenging pandemic times.