Managing Anxiety in the Classroom: Cultivating Understanding and Healing

Educators are often faced with very unique and challenging issues in the classroom. At any given time, an educator will have students dealing with a variety of issues including trauma, anger/ aggression, anxiety, grief, depression, or self-harm - often these challenges are expressed as negative behaviour in the classroom. 

This workshop will help you to decode behaviours, understand the signs of common psychological issues, and empower you with the tools to help bring your students to a place of connection and safety. Educators will leave with a toolbox of strategies to help children who are struggling with relationships in the classroom, anxiety, emotional regulation, depression and attention- based issues. Connection, co-regulation, respectful communication and resilience are central themes in helping you to create a classroom that is inclusive, safe, and deeply accepting of all students. 

‘Classroom Mental Health’ is intended to help educators to create a psychologically safe environment for students, but please note, it is not intended to replace the vital work of a Mental Health Professional. 


Elk Island Catholic Schools
310 Broadview Rd
Sherwood Park AB

Date & Time:

November 27, 2019 8:30-11:30 a.m.

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