Muttart Foundation - Submission to The Ministry of Children's Services' Review of the Child Care Licensing Act and Regulation

"On behalf of the Muttart Foundation Board of Directors, please accept the following submission to inform the Ministry of Children's Services' review of the Child Care Licensing Act and Regulation.

The Muttart Foundation is a private charitable foundation based in Edmonton, Alberta. The Foundation's charitable activities and funding support work to advance public policy in early learning and child care that is informed by research evidence and guided by the best interests of children and their families. Over the last two decades, the Foundation has worked with provincial governments and other partners to advance this work considering how best to integrate, organize, finance and deliver early learning and child care for young children and their families. It is the Foundation's hope, that the Ministry of Children's Services will seek to identify and advance changes to the current legislation and regulation that are informed by an appropriate combination of research evidence and stakeholder perspectives"