PD Funding Fact Sheet 2018-2019

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Professional Development Funding (Child Development Supervisors)

AECEA currently has a grant from Alberta Children's Services to support eligible Child Development Supervisors (CDS') to participate in select post-secondary courses, workshops, and conferences. For April 1, 2018 - March 31, 2019,  AECEA is able to award up to $285,000 in funding to those CDS' looking to improve their skills and knowledge and in the process, enhance the quality of child care programs and adhere with the Provincial Family Day Home Standards and legislated requirements for licensed child care in Alberta.

Am I Eligible?

Qualified individuals must have a valid Child Development Supervisor certificate issued in Alberta and be:

  • a Canadian Citizen or hold Canadian permanent resident status;
  • working as a paid staff member or family child care consultant/coordinator in a child care program or family day home agency; and
  • working a minimum of 80 hours a month; or 40 hours each month in a licensed out-of-school care program.

** CDS family day home providers and CDS working in preschools do not qualify for this funding**

As the funding from Alberta Children's Services is limited, AECEA is unable to approve every application received and will be awarded on a first come, first serve basis.

Once funding is depleted, applicants will be notified and a notice will be placed on AECEA's website.

What is the maximum funding I am eligible for?


Funding Stream

Maximum Funding Per CDS

Funding to Disperse 18-19

Post-secondary courses/programs

Up to $1,000 per year


Workshops & conferences

Up to $200 per year



What types of courses, workshops, and conferences may be approved?

While this is not an exhaustive list, these are some examples of courses and workshops that might be approved for funding:

  • Leadership
  • Pedagogical leadership
  • Program management (human resources, financial, etc.)
  • Coaching
  • Communication (with children, families & other professionals)
  • Curriculum framework (Play, participation, and possibilities)
  • Children's rights and mental health
  • Cultural sensitivity and diversity
  • Inclusion

Conferences must be offered by an approved Canadian institution or non-profit association, and be conducted within Canada (preferably Alberta).

Workshops must be offered through an approved trainer or facilitator who has the necessary educational background and experience to deliver the specific workshop content, and be conducted within Alberta.

Post-secondary courses must be offered through a Canadian publicly funded post-secondary institution.

English as an additional language courses, training related to basic requirements (e.g. first aid, food hygiene, WHIMIS) or basic running of a business will not be considered, nor will courses or conferences taking place outside of Canada.


Please contact AECEA if you are unsure if a course, workshop or conference may qualify.                                                               









How do I apply?

Each CDS should complete the appropriate online application form. They will require a copy of their CDS certificate and a receipt for payment of course/conference/workshop.

Applications must be received a minimum of two weeks to a maximum of two months in advance for workshops, and up to four months in advance for post-secondary courses.

AECEA can no longer accept faxed or emailed application forms.

How will I receive payment?

AECEA will maintain contact with applicants (and programs if necessary) via email and send word if the application has been approved or declined. If funding is awarded, each CDS must submit a Reflection Form within two weeks of completing the course, conference, or workshop. Once the reflection form has been submitted, a cheque for the pre-approved funding amount will be mailed to the organization.


Should AECEA not receive a reflection form within this time period, pre-approved funding will be declined and used to support other CDS applying to the program and no cheque will be issued.