PIA $10-a-day child care now!

On April 19, the federal government announced a historic investment into child care with the goal of establishing a nationwide $10-per-day child care system

What would $10-a-day child care mean for working families in Alberta? 

$10-a-day child care would mean massive savings for working families. Child care costs can be one of the largest household expenses — often as much as mortgage or rent. 

It would be an immediate intervention into the lives of children who live in poverty. In Alberta, one in six children live below the poverty line

$10-a-day child care would also mean addressing the gendered pay gap and addressing the gendered dimension of poverty. Furthermore, the overwhelming majority of the workers in the child care sector itself are women. Investment into this sector means investing in a primarily female workforce. 

The federal government’s commitment offers a once-in-a-generation opportunity for us here in Alberta, but the work is far from done.

This opportunity for our children, for women, and for families is too important to pass up – it’s about our collective future. Together, we can reach our goal of universally accessible, fully publicly funded and publicly delivered child care for every working family in Alberta, and across the country.