Professional Development opportunities for early childhood educators supports quality Early Learning and Care environments where Children and Families thrive

The 4th Friday of each October, this year October 25, 2019 has been designated by CAFRA (Edmonton’s Childcare Association For Resources to Administrators) as an Early Childhood Educator Professional Development Day. This is a day where ECE’s have the opportunity to learn together, unite under the common focus of continuous professional learning and become stronger as a community.

CAFRA understands the importance of ongoing professional learning and development. Educational preparation and the ongoing learning of Educators remains central to the quality of Early Learning and Child Care. Substantial research on high quality Early Learning and Child Care programs worldwide clearly demonstrates that the greatest indicator of program quality is the knowledge, education and capacity of the Educators who work with children and families.

Please take a minute to check out what some of the CAFRA centres are doing during the ECE Professional Development Day for 2019!