Professional Learning Community- professional development funding program

Professional Learning Community

The Association of Early Childhood Educators of Alberta is pleased to announce the professional learning community funding program. This AECEA professional development grant is available to eligible Child Development Supervisors (CDS) with the purpose to help cover the costs of his/her participation in an approved Professional Learning Community (PLC). The aim is to strengthen a CDS’s leadership skills to enhance quality in child care programs and encourage stronger oversight and accountability in their programs. A CDS may apply for up to $1,000 per fiscal year to support their participation in a professional learning community that will contribute to their learning related to management, leadership and public policy. Professional Learning Communities must align with the following principles:

  • To encourage peer learning and engagement, focusing on solution-based discussion and planning to support a professional early learning and care workforce.
  • To engage in learning and critical thinking about their role as developing leaders, managers, coaches and mentors in the early learning and care profession.
  • To support the development of the early learning and care workforce by helping to increase the foundational skills related to ELCC management or leadership, and strengthen the practice aligned with a supporting set of values.
  • To strengthen and build leadership capacity within the early learning and care profession with an emphasis on how to engage and support emerging professionals.
  • To enhance community knowledge about the importance of:
    • high quality early learning and care;
    • an educated and qualified workforce; and
    • interactive relational environments

If you have any questions regarding the professional learning community framework or application, please contact the Association of Early Childhood Educators at or call at (780) 421-7544.