Program Accountability for PD Funding | Association of Early Childhood Educators of Alberta

Program Accountability for PD Funding

The program must comply with all the terms set out in the Grant Agreement that was signed between the Grant Recipient and the Minister, which includes the content contained in this funding guide.

All child care programs that receive grant funding must maintain required attendance records, receipts, and financial/payroll records to support all funding payments relating to wage top-ups and professional development. Programs are subject to selected or random audits by the Government of Alberta. If a program falsely obtains funds, fails to provide required documentation, or fails to report funding not paid to staff, the amount will be adjusted accordingly through the claims payment process and eligibility for ongoing funding may be terminated.

  • The program must retain a copy of all receipts supporting the professional development grant payments made to the program.
  • Receipts must indicate the same expenditure that was claimed and must match the staff or program’s name, amount of payment and payment date as submitted on the Professional Development Funding Request Form.
  • Any funding that is paid without supporting receipts, not transferred to the staff member, or not used as approved on the Professional Development Funding Request Form, must be reported using the Program Funding Adjustment Request Form found online at

​​​​​​*AECEA makes every effort to ensure this information is up to date. Please consult original documentation/website to confirm accuracy*