Red Tape Reduction Recommendations

During the election, Jason Kenney and the UCP promised to get rid of one third of Alberta’s government regulations. What those regulations are won’t be known until the Blue Ribbon Panel on Alberta’s Finances releases its report on ways to eliminate waste, duplication, and non-essential spending. This report is scheduled to be submitted on August 15, 2019.

AECEA wants to share any inefficiencies early childhood educators see with the Ministry of Red Tape Reduction so, if they cut regulations, it will be those that ease some barriers to providing excellent, quality early learning and care. Below is the link for a portal created for you to share any concerns you have with regulations or restrictions that you believe are unnecessarily impeding your work as an early childhood educator. 

Please submit your recommendations by July 31, 2019, if possible. Any submissions after July 31, 2019 will still be kept for future communication with the ministry.