Social Emotion Learning Forum (SELF)

SELForum Keynote: Compassion Fatigue - Mental Health for Helpers
Facilitated by Lee Thomas

Being a parent, teacher, or caregiver in the life of someone with a mental health issue can have an impact on our own mental health. In this presentation the audience learns about the importance of setting healthy boundaries, doing self-care, and acknowledging our own internal thought patterns.

SELForum Breakouts
The theme of these breakouts is self care: for yourself, and the importance of modelling self care for your students.

Self Care 101
Facilitated by Lee Thomas

What is “self-care”? Is it more than bubble baths? Why does it matter? In this presentation, audience members learn about how everyone has mental health, the importance of taking care of themselves, and how to challenge internal narratives of guilt.

ACEs High: Examining the Bio-Psycho-Social Costs of Adverse Childhood Experiences
Facilitated by Bonnie Randall

Over the span of a lifetime, adverse childhood experiences alter brain architecture, devastating emotional health, impeding the ability to learn, creating chronic disease, and accelerating the likelihood of conditions like ADHD, obesity, and even addiction.
ACEs High examines, in detail, why experiences like physical abuse, emotional abuse, and exposure to domestic violence are so toxic to the human brain, covering topics like:

How one gets stuck in the ‘reactive brain’ or ‘fight-flight-or freeze’
How chronic, toxic stress warps one’s perspective – creating cognitive distortions and negativity bias
What it means to self soothe…and why people with high ACEs struggle with soothing
Where hormones like cortisol fit into the equation
And, most importantly, why building resiliency in those affected by a high ACEs score is so vital for recovery, hope and healing. 

Emotional De-escalation: A Simple and Quick Approach that Works
Facilitated by Sue Huff

Emotions can sometimes feel like tsunamis: crashing over everyone in their path. But with this workshop, you will learn a valuable tool to help others return to a more rational state of mind. The two-step process is easy to remember and works across all ages and situations. It helps not only the person who is experiencing the intense emotions, but also the helper and any bystanders. This method was developed by Dr Adele Lafrance (PhD Child and Clinical Psychology) to help teachers, front line workers and parents confronted with emotional dysregulation in others. Sue is the only person in Alberta currently authorized to deliver this workshop.


Alberta Teachers' Association
11010 142 St NW
Edmonton AB  T5N 2R1

Date & Time:

January 16, 2020 9:00 a.m.-3:30 p.m.

For more information and to register, go here.