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Understanding ADHD in Early Childhood

“Understanding ADHD in Early Childhood” is an overview of, pre school and early school, childhood ADHD in booklet format that can be downloaded, printed and shared. This handout includes information on behavioural strategies for the home as well as teaching strategies and classroom accommodations.

ADHD in Early Childhood

Even though ADHD can cause very significant early childhood impairment (79% of the 4 and 5 year old children with ADHD are impaired in school readiness) it remains under recognized and under treated. Many young children with ADHD continue to be falsely labelled as children who lack discipline and motivation, or simply, as “bad” children.

Preschool children with ADHD can do well in certain unstructured, free play environments. However, once skills commonly impaired in children with ADHD are required differences in functioning will become apparent.

Those interacting with the child should always be educated about what ADHD is, how it impacts this child specifically and what strategies and tools are best used to assist the child; the more cohesive the strategies between home and school the better.

Understanding ADHD in Early Childhood Booklet

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