Update to AECEA Board Executive

January 4, 2020

The Association of Early Childhood Educators of Alberta would like to send all its members the warmest new year wishes. 2020 was a challenging year for our field. AECEA is so proud of the hard work all child care programs and early childhood educators put into staying safe and healthy for the children and families you serve. AECEA hopes that the new year brings you all happiness, healthiness, and joy.

AECEA has been working hard over the past months, responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, and supporting early childhood educators. It has been a busy time, and it is proud of the work its been able to accomplish. Momentum has been building in our field towards positive changes. To provide the best support for our members, AECEA wants to quickly respond to the changing dynamics of our sector.

To this end, our chairperson Jennifer Usher will be stepping down from her role and transitioning into a contracted position. AECEA needs this additional resource to do our work well during these difficult times. AECEA is excited about this "new" addition to the organization and look forward to sharing the work with its members in the new year!

To provide consistency and continuity in the board operations, Nicki Dublenko (current vice chair) will move into the chairperson position. Amanda Rosset (board member) will move into the vice-chair role. Carol Sullivan will remain as treasurer, and Dawn Eagles (board member) will become the AECEA secretary. These positions have been voted in unanimously by the board.

AECEA hopes you will continue to see the organization as a partner alongside the early childhood educator workforce. It knows that early childhood educators are essential to quality early learning and child care. AECEA would like to share its greatest appreciation for your support of our organization. Together, we are a strong, vibrant community of early childhood educators in Alberta.