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Advocacy Letter

You might not have children. Or you might not have children who need child care. But quality child care affects EVERYONE, in every sector of society.

Like education and health care, quality child care is a human right and a public good. And it needs public funding and support.

The good news is that quality early learning and child care generates exceptional returns on investment. Economic studies have calculated the cost–benefit ratio of such investment at between $1.50 and $17 gained for every $1 spent.

In Quebec, for example, a 2008 study by economist Pierre Fortin found that $1.2 billion spent on child care resulted in $2.1 billion coming back to the government through taxes—including income tax, payroll and corporate taxes and consumption taxes such as the GST.

From a tax revenue perspective, Quebec’s investment in child care paid for itself and more. But investing in child care also has benefits that are harder to define in terms of dollars. These include lower child mortality, lower crime rates, reduced poverty and social inequality (including gender inequality), reductions in substance abuse and mental illness, and reduction in spending needed to address poor health and problems at school.

The benefits for everyone far outweigh the costs.

We need your help!

Quality child care doesn’t happen by itself. It’s part of a well-planned, well-managed and well-funded early learning and child care system. Creating an effective system requires structural change, long-term commitment and cooperation between governments and communities. Most important, it requires public funding and public support. Today, Alberta’s early learning and child care system is significantly underfunded, and recent cuts have made the situation even worse. 

But you have the power to change this. Because when people talk, governments listen.

Tell the Alberta government that you value children. And that it’s time to invest in a quality early learning and child care system. 

Please complete the form below to receive a template letter and your MLA's contact information via email. From there, you can make the letter more personal and forward it to your MLA and the Minister of Children's Services, Rebecca Schulz. 

The more people we have behind us, the less likely government can continue to ignore the early learning and child care sector. 

Thank you for your support!