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The Association of Early Childhood Educators of Alberta (AECEA) is a non-profit, member-based society whose members comprise early childhood educators, out of school care staff, child care staff/contractors, post-secondary ELCC students and faculty members and other groups and individuals supportive of the goals of the AECEA. Born out of the Alberta Child Care Network Association and the Early Childhood Professional Association of Alberta, the AECEA works hard to serve as a voice for the early learning and child care (ELCC) workforce in Alberta. A proud affiliate member of the Canadian Child Care Federation, its goal is to advance a child care profession by providing support, education, and recognition of its members.

Before they reach the age of six, the majority of Alberta children will spend time in some form of non-parental care, making early learning and child care and its workforce an important topic of discussion and area of investment for our society. AECEA would like to see early childhood educators empowered to deliver high-quality services for children ages 0-12 in Alberta and supported to do that well.  AECEA advocates on members’ behalf to ensure the ECE workforce is a priority in all decisions related to early learning and care including system building, funding, education, ongoing professional learning, wages and supports. AECEA continues to communicate with municipal, provincial and federal governments on issues of importance to the early learning and child care workforce.

Key Messages

Research and experience show the #1 indicator of quality in early learning and care settings is the knowledge, education, and capacity of the adults working with young children.

AECEA advocates for a high-quality comprehensive system of Early Learning and Care in Alberta that is delivered by a well-educated, well-compensated, and well-supported early childhood educator (ECE) workforce.

All children and their families deserve, and have a right to, high-quality early learning and care that is delivered by educated and competent ECEs who are well-resourced and supported by a competent system.

Canadian Child Care Federation Affiliate Membership


As an affiliate of the CCCF, all AECEA members are automatically considered affiliate CCCF members. You can activate your affiliate membership email by contacting info@cccf-fcsge.ca.

Committed to Best Practice in Early Childhood Education

The Canadian Child Care Federation (CCCF) is the country's largest non-profit, member-based early learning and child care organization. Established in 1987 and including over 20 provincial and territorial organizations, representing over 8,000 members. The CCCF looks to improve child care in Canada by supporting its members through advocating, capacity building, working towards better practice, and providing networks and partnerships in the ultimate goal to support the healthy development of children.