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The Association of Early Childhood Educators of Alberta (AECEA) is a non-profit member-based society that advocates for higher educational standards, wages, system supports, and better working conditions for those in the early education landscape. 

AECEA believes early childhood education is fundamental for successful and thriving communities and deserves better recognition and support. Together, AECEA is committed to professionalizing Alberta’s early learning and child care (ELCC) workforce. 


Membership Information

We’re always excited to welcome and support new members. Select your membership type to apply. Use the dropdown menu below to learn more about the specific benefits available in each membership category.

What types of memberships are available?

AECEA offers three membership categories:

  • Professional members are Alberta-certified ECEs and post-secondary educators who work in the field of early learning and child care. This category also includes staff and contractors who work for, or in support of, licensed child care programs and approved family day home agencies.
  • Student members are enrolled in post-secondary early learning and child care programs in Alberta. Students in leadership, management, human resources, and other programs related to early learning and child care are also eligible for AECEA membership.
  • Associate members are agencies or groups that support AECEA’s goals.

Professional members and student members have voting rights at AECEA’s general meetings. Associate members are welcome to attend AECEA meetings, but cannot vote.

How much does membership cost?

  • Membership with AECEA is free for full-time students enrolled in publicly funded post-secondary ECE programs in Alberta.
  • Part-time students pay a reduced membership fee of $50 + GST per year.
  • Annual fees for associate members are $125 + GST.
  • Annual fees for professional members are $125 + GST.
  • Monthly fees for professional members are $10.75 + GST per month.
  • Professional members whose employers participate in AECEA’s group health plan pay $95 + GST for their annual fees.
What are the professional and student member benefits?

AECEA’s professional and student members are part of the association’s strong, united voice on legislation, policy, funding, training, professional learning and other issues that affect ECEs.

Professional and student members enjoy the following benefits:

  • the opportunity to contribute to AECEA’s advocacy for accessible, affordable, high-quality child care delivered by a respected, well-compensated professional ELCC workforce
  • a monthly e-newsletter, Networking News, that includes updates on AECEA’s activities, information about professional learning opportunities and events, links to the latest research and inspirational stories from the field
  • discounts on AECEA-sponsored workshops and events (including the popular annual conference, which is usually sold out)
  • reduced fees for selected educational and professional learning offerings sponsored by AECEA’s partners
  • access to a group health benefits plan (available to professional and student members whose employers are AECEA associate members)
  • reduced membership fees for professional members whose employers participate in AECEA’s group health benefits plan
  • AECEA’s support and organizational backing to empower personal advocacy for the recognition of ECEs as well-qualified, well-compensated professionals
  • opportunities to develop leadership skills and make a difference by getting involved in the association
  • free affiliate membership in the Canadian Child Care Federation (CCCF), which is a cost saving of $65
    • CCCF affiliate membership includes discounts on books and resources, weekly email updates and access to the federation’s members-only quarterly journal
  • 15% off the Imagine Institute for Learning (formerly ECDSS) workshops
  • 15% off personal tax returns through UFile
  • 15% off public workshops through the Crisis and Trauma Resource Institute (CTRI) and the ACHIEVE Centre for Leadership and Workplace Performance
  • Up to 40% off home and auto insurance through The Co-Operators
What are the associate member benefits?

AECEA’s associate members enjoy the following benefits:

  • free affiliate membership in the CCCF, which is a cost saving of $90
  • access to a number of workforce and workplace related benefits and discounts, including the following:
    • a comprehensive group health benefit plan that offers life and disability insurance, coverage for prescription drugs, dental and vision care, and medical coverage for travellers
    • access to Foster Park Brokers commercial insurance, which is tailored to the ELCC industry
    • 15% off on-site workshops through the Imagine Institute for Learning (formerly ECDSS)
    • $25 off T2 tax filing through UFile
    • 10% discount on HRDownloads, a web-based HR software that is tailored to your needs

NOTICE: As of October 26, 2021, TimeSavr has chosen to not continue its partnership with AECEA, you will not receive a discount code for TimeSavr if an Associate membership is purchased after October 26, 2021.



Why Become a Member?

Advocacy & Community

AECEA’s professional community supports one another and unites like-minded people across Alberta. AECEA and its members collaborate, share vital information and connect through events. As advocates, we work hard to influence positive change for our members, bringing a powerful voice to topics that matter.

Relevant Educational Resources

An AECEA membership gets you access to valuable members-only resources, including important research, educational articles and discounts on professional learning opportunities, including all AECEA- and partner-sponsored workshops and events.

Benefits & Discounts

Members receive discounts on personal tax returns and home and auto insurance through The Co-Operators. If your employer is an AECEA member, they can also access a health benefits program for you that has been created specifically for AECEA members.

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