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Your voice matters. It's tough to stress just how important it is for you, as an ECE, to support your provincial association and have a voice on issues of importance to you. We depend on the size and strength of our membership to allow us to engage, plan and advocate for system changes and further public investment in the ELCC sector.

Important Documents

There is a broad consensus among researchers, organizations and policy makers that the quality of early learning and child care, and ultimately the outcomes for children and their families, depends on well-educated and competent staff who are supported and working within a competent system.

Important Documents (Alberta/Canada)

ECE Wage Grid Recommendations (Feb 2023) - A compensation framework review for the development of a target values-based wage grid for early childhood educators in Alberta

Roadmap to a Quality Early Learning and Child Care System in Alberta (Nov 2021) - The ‘Roadmap to a Quality Early Learning and Child Care System in Alberta’ is a collaborative effort of the Canadian Child Care Federation and its Alberta Leaders’ Caucus, Child Care Now and its Alberta Chapter, the YMCA of Northern Alberta and the Muttart Foundation.

AECEA Position Paper on Legislative Change (Feb 2020) - The upcoming review of Alberta’s child care licensing legislation provides an opportunity for positive change. Legislating higher qualification standards and supports for early childhood educators can help to build an effective, high-quality early learning and child care system that gives Alberta’s children the best possible start in life.

Early Childhood Education and Care in Canada 2016 - Alberta (Apr 2018)

Multilateral Early Learning and Child Care Framework - Federal, Provincial and Territorial (Jun 2017) - this Framework sets the foundation for governments to work toward a shared long term vision where all children can experience the enriching environment of quality early learning and child care that supports children’s development to reach their full potential.

Shared framework for building an early childhood education and care (ECEC) system for all (Jan 2016) - a shared vision anchored in an evidence-based framework for federal, provincial and territorial governments to use in the building of equitable early childhood education and care (ECEC) for all.

The Citizen's Guide to the Alberta Legislature

Advancing the Educational Preparation and Professional Development of Alberta's Early Learning and Care Workforce (Oct 2014) - The Muttart Foundation (also offers other discussion papers related to ELCC)

Financing Early Learning and Child Care in Canada (Nov 2004) - a discussion paper by Gordon Cleveland and Michael Krashinsky.

Research & Releases from Other Provinces

ECEBC Wage Grid Report - "Report findings confirm that a competitive, publicly funded provincial wage grid not only raises wages, but provides consistency and recognition of the essential and valuable work of ECEs."