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Your voice matters. It's tough to stress just how important it is for you, as an ECE, to support your provincial association and have a voice on issues of importance to you. We depend on the size and strength of our membership to allow us to engage, plan and advocate for system changes and further public investment in the ELCC sector.

Organizations and Initiatives

There is a broad consensus among researchers, organizations and policy makers that the quality of early learning and child care, and ultimately the outcomes for children and their families, depends on well-educated and competent staff who are supported and working within a competent system.

Active for Life - Active for Life is a privately funded national charity that helps Canadians raise kids who love to move. At, educators and parents will find fun activities, engaging articles, and free resources to get kids active, healthy, and happy.

Alberta Council for Environmental Education – a provincial organization helping to advance environmental education in Alberta.

Alberta Child Poverty Report 2018 - The annual Alberta Poverty Report is an annual report created by the Edmonton Social Planning Council, in partnership with Public Interest Alberta and the Alberta College of Social Workers.

Alberta Family Child Care Association (AFCCA) – An affiliate of the Canadian Child Care Federation. This association is involved in national efforts to promote standards and equity in the child care field.

Alberta Family Wellness Initiative – The Alberta Family Wellness Initiative (AFWI) facilitates research into early brain development as well as addiction and mental health treatment, and applies this research to policies and practices that support positive lifelong health outcomes. It also connects and collaborates with leaders in policy, research, education, and service delivery to turn scientific discoveries and insights into measurable results.

Alberta Federation of Labour - Fair Start Alberta is a campaign calling on the government to implement universal Early Childhood Education and Care that helps children, workers, women and families in Alberta.  

Alberta Health Services Provincial Pediatric Eating and Swallowing Project (PEAS) - This is a pre-recorded video series for parents and caregivers of children 6 months to 8 years. 
It offers information, strategies and resources about mealtime struggles. 

Alberta Ministry of Children's Services - provincial Ministry responsible for child care and intervention, early childhood development, foster and kinship care, adoption and improvements for children and youth.

Alberta Ministry of Community & Social Services - provincial Ministry responsible for income, employment, disabilities and community-based supports, family violence prevention, and family and community support services.

Alberta Ministry of Education - provincial Ministry that supports students, parents, teachers and administrators from Early Childhood Services through Grade 12.

Apple Magazine – Apple is filled with information and advice on what you and your family can do to lead to lead healthy, balanced lifestyles

Canadian Association of Family Resource Programs (FRP Canada) – a national association providing innovative leadership to advance social policy, research, resource development and training for those who enhance the capacity of families to raise their children.

Canadian Child Care Federation  – a bilingual, non-profit, member-based organization committed to excellence in early learning and child care. Its 20 provincial and territorial affiliate organizations and 11,500 members – early learning and child care practitioners, academics, parents and policy makers – share their commitment to excellence in early learning and child care through capacity building and collaborations, networks and partnerships.

Canadian Health Network (CHN) – a bilingual collection of health-related resources that aim to allow Canadians to get the information they need to stay healthy and prevent disease.

Centre of Excellence on Early Childhood Development (CEECD) – the mission of the CEECD is to improve our knowledge of the social and emotional development of young children.

Child and Nature Alliance of Canada – The Child and Nature Alliance of Canada is a network of organizations and individuals who are working to connect children to nature through education, advocacy, programming, policy, research, and the environment.

Child Care Now – a non-profit, membership-based and regionally representative organization that is dedicated to promoting quality, publicly funded child care accessible to all.

Child Care Human Resources Sector Council (CCHRSC) – a pan-Canadian, non-profit organization that addresses pressing human resources issues in the child care sector. Its projects develop research, strategies, and tools to meet the needs of the child care workforce and achieve related goals.

Child Care is a Right - Implementing rights in early childhood

Childcare Resource and Research Unit (CRRU) – focuses on research and policy resources in the context of a high quality system of early childhood education and child care in Canada.

Council of Ministers of Education, Canada - an intergovernmental body serving as a forum to discuss policy issues related to education, including Aboriginal Education and Early Childhood Learning and Development.

Developmental Milestones: Child Care Fees in Canada's Big Cities 2018 - By David Macdonald & Martha Friendly

EndPovertyEdmonton - a community based initiative aimed at advancing a vision of shared prosperity for all, where every Edmontonian has an equal opportunity to live, work, participate and thrive. One of its priorities is Affordable & Quality Child Care.

First 2000 Days – an early childhood development network that acts as a catalyst for linking, aligning and leveraging efforts in the Early Childhood Development system to enable collective action toward improving ECD outcomes.

Human Early Learning Partnership - a collaborative, interdisciplinary research network that explores how different early learning environments and experiences contribute to inequalities in children's development.

Infant Mental Health Promotion - Infant Mental Health Promotion (IMHP) is a coalition of individuals and professional representatives from agencies concerned with infants and their families. IMHP is dedicated to promoting optimal mental health outcomes for infants through developing and supporting best practices through education and training, dissemination of information, networking and advocacy.

Institute of Medicine and National Research Council of the National Academies - an institute that has developed an ad hoc committee on the Science of Children Birth to Age 8 and created a publication entitled Transforming the Workforce for Children Birth Through Age 8: A Unifying Foundation.

Landon Pearson Centre for the Study of Childhood and Children's Rights -  The Landon Pearson Resource Centre for the Study of Childhood and Children's Rights facilitates dialogues, initiatives and projects dedicated to the advancement and betterment of the lives of children.

Lead With Your Heart - a group of like-minded, dedicated professionals who desire to increase resilience and support mental health outcomes in children and youth when experiencing a disaster.

McCormick Centre - Whole leadership series

Mesothelioma Hope - provides resources on speaking to a child whose loved one has cancer.

Ministry of Children's Services – the provincial government ministry responsible for child care & intervention, early childhood development, foster & kinship care, adoption, and improvements for children and youth.

Ministry of Advanced Education – the provincial government focused on the province’s adult learning system and financial supports for adult students and a listing of Alberta’s First Nations Colleges.

Ministry of Education – the provincial government ministry responsible for education, including early childhood education and PUF funding.

Ministry of Health – the provincial government ministry responsible for all aspects of health (child health, growing up healthy, physical activity, healthy eating, inclusion, etc.).

Ministry of Indigenous Relations - the provincial government ministry that work with Aboriginal communities, federal government, industry and other stakeholders to enhance the quality of life of Aboriginal people in Alberta.

Ministry of Labour and Immigration – the provincial government ministry responsible for ensuring a skilled workforce and safe, thriving workplaces to keep growing Alberta’s economy.

Ministry of Culture, Multiculturalism and Status of Women – the provincial government ministry that leads government’s work to increase gender equality in Alberta.

The Muttart Foundation – A private foundation whose work in the area of early childhood education and care reflects its interests both in engaging stakeholders to consider how early childhood education and care can better be funded and delivered to meet the needs of all families and in building the capacity of charities that work in the area to deliver high quality education and care.

Policywise for Children and Families – a non-profit organization that exists to improve child, family and community well-being be leading, creating and mobilizing research and evaluation for evidence-informed policy and practice.

Public Interest Alberta - a non-profit, non-partisan, province-wide organization focused on education and advocacy on public interest issues and has a task force focused on Child Care and Early Learning.