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Your voice matters. It's tough to stress just how important it is for you, as an ECE, to support your provincial association and have a voice on issues of importance to you. We depend on the size and strength of our membership to allow us to engage, plan and advocate for system changes and further public investment in the ELCC sector.

Who We Are

As a non-profit society, the Association of Early Childhood Educators of Alberta (AECEA) is governed by a Board of Directors, elected by its member base, with terms lasting for one to three years. The board oversees the day-to-day operations of AECEA and its strategic direction, working in collaboration with staff members and community stakeholders to strengthen and support the early learning child care workforce in Alberta. Board members have a responsibility to foster the continued growth and development of the early learning and child care workforce, complete with a competent system of high-quality early learning and child care for its members. 

The Board of Directors typically recruits new board members on a yearly basis. A call for nominations is made prior to its Annual General Meeting in September. AECEA seeks to balance the geographic representation on its board and solicit specific professional skill sets in potential nominees based on current organizational needs.

Board members must be voting members of AECEA, have the ability to think at a systems level, work collaboratively, have a desire to strengthen and support the broader early learning and child care community, and have the time to devote to a working board. AECEA provides board members with an opportunity to network with other professionals and gain experience and knowledge in areas such as leadership, finance, policy development, and board development.

Our Staff

Cheyanne Soetaert (she/her)
Program Coordinator, Brain Story/Theory-to-Practice

Laura Pratt (she/her)
Program Coordinator

Ayan Ali (she/her)
Administrative Assistant

Our Board of Directors

 Amanda Rosset

Amanda Rosset


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Amanda has worked in the field of Early Childhood Education for almost 20 years in preschools, school age and mixed age early learning programs. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Care and Education with certification in Special Needs and Infant Toddler. In the Northwest region, Amanda oversees contracts for three prevention and early intervention programs that advocates for high quality, inclusive care in the early years for the betterment of children and families throughout the region. Amanda is also a distance instructor at Grande Prairie Regional College and is a member of the Alberta Early Learning and Care Leaders Caucus. She forms her own practice around advocating for all children to have the right to equitable learning opportunities that promote the unique value and dignity of families we encounter; something which she believes must be embedded within the practice of early childhood educators. 

Carolyn Parkes

Carolyn Parkes


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Carolyn has worked and volunteered in the field of early learning and child care for over 20 years and graduated with a Master of Education in Early Learning from the University of Alberta in 2012. Carolyn teaches in the Bachelor of Early Childhood Curriculum Studies program at MacEwan University and is a member of MacEwan's Flight Research Team. Before working at MacEwan, Carolyn held a senior leadership position for Roots of Empathy, a non-profit organization offering socially innovative and award-winning programs for children. Carolyn's previous board experience comes from being actively involved in the child care program her children attended. She was Board President for three years and stayed on as a community board member after her two children had outgrown the centre. 

Christie Scarlett

Christie Scarlett


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Christie Scarlett officially began her career in Early Childhood over 25 years ago. She has received her Early Childhood and on-going learning through Mount Royal University as well as MacEwan University. 

Her passion for children's advocacy and leadership for ECE Practitioners continues as she is in her 9th year of volunteering as a board director/treasurer for the Canadian Child Care Federation and approaching her 4th year volunteering as a board director on the Association of Early Childhood Educators of Alberta. She has been honoured to work alongside children and families in a variety of capacities as well as serve on several community initiatives and local association groups. 

For the past 4 years, Christie has been striving to strengthen the standard for ECE professionals by providing professional development opportunities and empowering Early childhood educators and agencies to advocate for their profession by connecting with the ECE community. This extension continues as she takes on a new endeavor where recreation meets early childhood, as the School and Camps Manager with Vivo for Healthier Generations. 

As much as Christie is actively involved in the Early Childhood community in Alberta, she enjoys nothing more than spending time with her 2 beautiful daughters and husband where they are engaged in their community, schooling, and personal activities

Marilyn Armstrong

Marilyn Armstrong


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Marilyn has over thirty years’ experience working in Early Learning and Childcare and Early Intervention to support the belonging of all children and families.   She has a diploma in Early Childhood Education and a degree in Human Services Administration.  For the past eight years, Marilyn has been managing the ASaP Project, an innovative adult capacity building approach from the GRIT Program.  ASaP provides professional learning and coaching to Early Childhood Educators to ensure high quality inclusive environments that enhance the well-being of educators, children and their families.  Marilyn has had the pleasure of collaborating with Early Learning and Childcare programs across the province and has presented at conferences locally and across Canada.  In her spare time, Marilyn likes to spend time with her family, read, paint, and play outside!

Shirley Rempel

Shirley Rempel


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Shirley has been a frontline early childhood educator for almost 24 years, having worked in child care centres both in Alberta and Manitoba. Shirley has her Level 3 Early Childhood Education certification. For the last almost 13 years, she has run an approved family day home in Southern Alberta. She is honoured to work alongside families on a daily basis and loves the benefits found in mixed-age group child care. She has worked with all ages of children, in infant/toddler programs all the way to school age. This is her first year on the board of the Association of Early Childhood Educators of Alberta but has been an active member for a few years. She has taught a number of workshops to Family Day Home Educators throughout the years, and recently completed the FLIGHT Training through MacEwan University and the Self Reg for Early Childhood Development Certificate Program through The MEHRIT Centre, and is now a Shanker Method Champion. Shirley has also been a Wonder Led Guide for the Wonder League Certification Cohorts through Fairy Dust Teaching for the last two years, having finished the certification in 2020 herself.

Lesley Cressman

Lesley Cressman


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Lesley has over 30 years of serving in ELCC and with children, families, and the community. She graduated from Conestoga College receiving an Early Childhood Education Diploma in 2012, with distinction. Lesley is presently a director of a childcare Center. She volunteers in women’s circles, facilitating an Infant Loss group and Women’s Red Tents. Lesley is passionate about lifelong learning and is currently taking the FLIGHT at MacEwan University and Supporting Curriculum Practice at ARCQE.

During her years in Ontario, Lesley ran a licensed home daycare that won two awards for providing quality daycare programming and was honoured with a book dedication for the Kindness Kangaroo Project, by author Sandra Wilson. Her daycare children illustrated and answered questions for the book creation of the Fabulous Flamingo. She created and facilitated the Community of Practice for Home Childcare to spark interest and break down barriers for home daycare licensing by creating Mythbusters. Lesley has the experience, with licensed centre-based programs, parent-run co-operatives and resource support with varying needs. 

On a more personal note, Lesley and her husband Keith witnessed their four children grow into incredible adults. The family grew as spouses and four grandchildren became members of their family, with two grandchildren being too precious for this world. She rescues animals, believes in gender equality and is a supporter of LGBTQ2S+ members of the community and advocates for proper pronoun usage for her staff, children, and their families.

Tamara Ford

Tamara Ford


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Tamara has been working in Early Childhood Education for 20 years. She has worked as a classroom educator, an Educational Assistant, an owner/operator of a child care centre and is currently the Program Director at Thornhill Child Care - VIK Academy for the last 4 years. She has completed the Alberta FLIGHT curriculum framework and is currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Education with the University of New Brunswick. 

She has 3 grown children and a grandson and loves spending all her extra time with her husband and family enjoying the outdoors.

Previous Board Members

AECEA is grateful to the scores of board members who served the association over the years. These people have added so much value to the association through their many many hours of volunteer time and their invaluable expertise. Their contributions are valued and celebrated as their legacy lives on.

Andria McCrae

Angela Pottier

Anya Dodd

Aparna Mahay

Brenda Jones

Brenda Sauve

Carol Langner

Carol Sullivan

Cheryl Joynt

Chris Eckenswiller

Christina Pickles

Dana Soare

Darrell Giraldeau

Dawn Eagles

Deb Mytruk

Debi Pagee

Deirdre Leighton

Diane McKean

Donna Morrison

Dorothy Commandeur

Elizabeth Simmons

Enola Nygren

Gail Moulder

Gillian Richards

Heidi Flaman

Jennifer Grant

Jennifer Usher

Jessica Chiu

Joanne Baxter

Joanne Keilty

Jolene Des Roches

Judy Smith

Judy White

Karen Sanderson

Karla Green

Kim Gravel

Kim Meyer-Lucas

Krissa O’Reilly

Kyla Semotiuk

Line Marie Perron

Loralie Latour

Louise Booker

Louise Sheppard

Lynsey Anderson

Manna Middleton

Margaret Golberg

Maria Valenti

Marietta Stephen

Marilyn Boivert

Marlene Alcon Kepka

Mary Stewart

Maryann Farebrother

Micheal Leong-Machieise

Nicki Dublenko

Noreen Murphy

Paige Valgardson

Parminder Delhon

Patricia MacDonald

Paxton Bruce

Penny Deeter

Rosetta Sanders

Sandra Friesen-Peters

Sharon Ness

Sherrill Brown

Sherry Chichenko

Sherry Fowler

Staci Brown

Stella Robb

Stephanie Fisher-Dortman

Sunita Khandelwal

Susan Elson

Susan Garrow-Oliver

Tanya Szarko

Toni LaChance

Traudi Kelm

Wendy Hansen

Whitney Stevens