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Committed to Best Practice in Early Childhood Education

The Canadian Child Care Federation (CCCF) is the country's largest non-profit, member-based early learning and child care organization. Established in 1987 and including over 20 provincial and territorial organizations, representing 11,000 members in the field - members including early learning and child care professionals, policy makers, academics and parents! The CCCF has a vision to improve child care in Canada by supporting its members through advocating capacity building, building better practice, and providing networks and partnerships in the ultimate goal to support the healthy development of children. 

All AECEA members receive a free membership to the CCCF.

Benefex Consulting, the AECEA, and Co-operators Insurance have partnered to offer a benefit plan for professionals and associates working in child care programs. This plan is flexible and offers comprehensive health benefits in the hopes of fostering and retaining a qualified workforce. More information can be found here.

TimeSavR is web-based software for childcare professional administrative tasks. Serving 1,200 dayhome providers and providing assistance to 6,700 licensed staff caring for over 50,000 children, TimeSavR easily handles the many, complex challenges that come with working at a licensed day care. Associate Members get discounted access to TimeSavR, a must-have for any agency or group involved in Alberta's early learning and child care sector.

Foster Park Brokers Inc offers commercial insurance for groups and businesses in the early learning and child care industry in Alberta - particularly daycares, out of school centres, preschools, early learning centres, and day home agencies. This comprehensive insurance can be customized to child care needs and often includes coverage like crime and fidelity, business interruption and more.

The Ministry of Children's Services (Government of Alberta) is involved with providing grants to support Child Development Supervisors and funding a current grant for the AECEA used to disburse $150,000 each year for three years to support early learning child care professionals to participate in professional learning groups, workshops/conferences, and post-secondary courses. They're also responsible for the Child Care Subsidy, which provides subsidies to lower-income families and groups using licensed day care centres, group family child care, family day homes, pre-schools, out-of-school care centres, and early childhood development programs, as well as funding pilot early learning and child care centres intended to respond to a number of gaps in our existing child care system and above all, make them affordable for families. 

Early Childhood Development Support Services (ECDSS) is a professional development and support organization located in Edmonton, AB. The resources offered by ECDSS enables programs to meet the diverse cultural and socioeconomic needs of both staff and families in their communities. They have partnered with AECEA to offer discounts on both their public workshops to individuals and on-site workshops by centre.

UFile is a Canadian tax return software company. They serve over a million Canadians each year. UFile has partnered with AECEA to offer discounts for individual and small business tax returns. 


The Crisis & Trauma Resource Institute provides training and resources in the areas of counselling, mental health and violence prevention.  All training materials are developed through the lens of our core beliefs, including the importance of being culturally sensitive and trauma-informed. We are currently offering a 15% discount on our workshops to AECEA Professional and Student members. For details on workshops coming to Alberta, please go to CTRI Alberta Public Workshops

We also offer training and resources through ACHIEVE Centre for Leadership and Workplace Performance. For information on ACHIEVE workshops coming to Alberta, please visit  ACHIEVE Alberta Public Workshops. Professional and Student members of AECEA also qualify for a 15% discount on ACHIEVE workshops.