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AECEA Connect Webinars

Early childhood educators (ECEs) in Alberta share common experiences, challenges, and joys. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, AECEA understands that you have a lot of concerns, both related to the children and families you work with and to your own livelihood. Many educators have reached out to us seeking information and additional clarification to support their decision-making during this crisis. AECEA is working hard to get answers from government and ensure key messages about the value and importance of our early childhood workforce are communicated. People want to connect, to feel less alone in their struggles and to hear about new and innovative things that are happening in early childhood education during this unprecedented time. 

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Apr 25 2020

May 05 2020

May 23 2020

Jun 04 2020

Jun 23 2020

Jul 23 2020

In this session, we were joined by Christopher Smith and Tara Stang from the Muttart Foundation to present the Alberta results from a National Survey During the COVID-19 Pandemic and to discuss early learning and child care funding in Alberta.

Due to a technical difficulty, the first 10 minutes were not recorded. To view the slides from the session to catch up on what was missed, go here.

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Aug 26 2020

In this session, we were joined by Corine Ferguson, Nikki Meyer, and Alison Rinas with the Alberta Resource Centre for Quality Enhancement (ARCQE). Corine, Nikki, and Alison shared information about the expansion of their Pedagogical Partners Project, their new Flight: Alberta's Early Learning and Care Framework professional learning series, and other support services they offer.

Check out ARCQE's website at For questions about any of ARCQE's programs, email them at or call them at 1-866-429-4930.

In ARCQE's presentation for AECEA connect,  it was indicated that there was a discontinuation of ASaP involvement as part of all of curriculum framework support. We have heard that this created some confusion in how ASaP supports continue to be provided. Please be assured that ASaP continues to be a partner in supporting child care programs and will continue to grow in their work across the province.

For further information specific to each program, please visit:

GRIT program website at:
ARCQE website at:

Oct 07 2020

In this session, we were joined by Cody Topp with TOPP KIDS Out of School Programs and the School Age Care Directors Association of Alberta to talk about how the first month back to school went for out of school care programs and share information on SACDA's initiatives.


Nov 12 2020

In this session, we premiered AECEA's advocacy videos. Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties, you will not be able to view the advocacy videos in this recording.

Stay tuned for the launch of our Quality portal and videos on National Child Day on November 20th!


Dec 10 2020

In this session, we were joined by Jane Beach to speak on her report written for the Edmonton Council for Early Learning and Care and the Muttart Foundation, An Examination of Regulatory and Other Measures to Support Quality Early Learning and Care in Alberta. To view the report, go to

Jane is an early learning and child care research and policy consultant, based in Victoria BC. Over the past 25 years, Jane has developed child care expansion plans, conducted numerous child care studies, and authored many research and policy reports for government, universities, non-profit organizations and labour groups.

To download the presentation slides, go here.



Feb 25 2021

In this session, Jennifer Usher* talked about how the new ELCC Regulations & Act align with AECEA's recommendations.

AECEA's response to the changes in the Regulations can be viewed here.

AECEA's response to the changes in the Act can be viewed here.

*Jennifer works for the Medicine Hat and District Child Care Association and is a past AECEA board member (2017-2020). In January 2021, Jennifer authored AECEA's Response to the Regulations and Act papers.


Apr 29 2021

In this session, we celebrated the first anniversary of the Connect sessions and connected with attendees on how the last year in early learning and child care had been for them.


May 26 2021

What Does it Mean to be an ELCC Professional?

Kei Lei Tomshak is an early childhood educator who has just completed her 3rd year at Mount Royal University in the Child Studies program. Kei shared her journey through her practicum experience on professionalism in the global early childhood sector.

This presentation covered some similarities, differences, and common issues in views and ideas of professionalism in the industry. Kei shared how her journey as a post-diploma student brought this topic of research to mind, how it reignited her passion for the field of early childhood education and why it is important to keep growing and learning as a professional.

Presentation Slideshow


Oct 26 2021

In this session, AECEA and the Canadian Child Care Federation had a conversation about what the federal government's national child care plan really means for the sector.

For a great podcast on measuring child care affordability, go here.

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Nov 23 2021

In this session, we were joined by Carolyn Porter and Julia Moore with the ASaP Program and explored the importance of self-care and mindfulness for caregivers. We looked at the effects of stress and ways to help regulate and relax and at how important it is as caregivers to take care of ourselves and know our own 'hot buttons' so we are best able to support the children in our care.

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