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Paid Release Time Grant

Applying to courses, workshops and conferences that took place on or after September 1, 2021, the Paid Release Time Grant provides licensed child care programs with funding that allows their certified early childhood educators (ECEs) to be paid while studying, completing post-secondary coursework, and attending workshops or conferences that have been approved for professional development funding.


This grant is for ECEs who are paid employees of licensed child care programs or family day home program educators working under licensed family day home agencies who:

  • are eligible for the professional development grant, and
  • paid for or enrolled in a post-secondary course, workshop or conference that is approved for the professional development grant and takes place on or after September 1, 2021.

To receive the paid release time grant, you need to fill out the relevant section in the Professional Development Funding Request form.

Funding rates

Professional development type Payment to Early Childhood Educator Payment to program to offset wage related expenses
Post secondary courses $800 per course $60 per course
Workshops and conferences $17.50 per hour (up to 45 hours per year) $1.33 per hour (up to 45 hours)