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IIFL - Guiding Behaviours Through A Trauma-Informed Approach

It is often said, "children are communicating through their behaviours" so what may they be trying to tell us? The two basic motivators of human behaviour start with having information that suggests we are safe (physically, emotionally, and socially) and connected (a sense of belonging). Unfortunately, those are not feelings all children feel throughout their childhood, resulting in experiences of trauma. If we can create an environment and promote interactions that support these needs, then we may be able to reduce the observable behaviours that may be considered challenging. This 2-hour session will take a look at the trauma-responses, discussing strategies to create a space that fosters individual safety, and interactions that promote choice and control, with the goal of creating trauma-informed interactions.


  • Identify signs and symptoms of trauma responses.
  • Create spaces that incorporate physical, emotional, and cultural safety.
  • Explore strategies and interactions to promote safety and connection.
  • Apply positive behaviour management strategies to guide children with a trauma-informed approach.



Date & Time:

January 19, 2022 6:30-8:30 p.m.

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