Job Posting

Use of the AECEA job posting system is subject to the terms and conditions set out below:

The AECEA reserves the right to screen all employer registrations and/or job posting submissions, and the right to decline posting employment opportunities.

Job postings must be complete with all requirements as directed. If insufficient information is provided, an employer registration and/or job posting may be declined. Additionally, all employers registered on the online system must have a valid email address and telephone number. Job postings of an inappropriate manner, including postings which have profane language, etc. will not be posted. Job postings searching for private babysitters or nannies will not be posted. Job postings for outside of Alberta will not be posted. Job postings that are unrelated to working in the early learning and child care field will not be posted.

To view the full Job Board Disclaimer, go here.

Once submitted, postings will be reviewed to ensure they follow our guidelines before they are posted to the public. Any postings that do not follow our guidelines will not be posted.

Postings will be removed after four weeks of advertisement on the site, or the closing date specified in the form below, whichever comes first.

Please note, AECEA members need to be logged in to the system in order for the submitted job ad to link to your account.

Need tips on how to write a compelling job posting? Go here.

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