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The AECEA, Benefex Consulting Inc. and Co-Operators Insurance have partnered to offer a cost-effective health benefits program for employees of child cares programs in Alberta. Child care programs must be an active associate member with the AECEA. This comprehensive plan is flexible and offers health benefit options such as:

  • prescription drugs and other health benefits
  • dental
  • vision
  • life & disability insurance
  • out-of-province/country medical insurance
  • employee & family assistance program and more!

Why Offer a Group Health Benefits program to my staff?

  • Health benefits can help attract and retain qualified employees
  • They foster a healthy workforce and improve morale, productivity, and efficiency
  • Other businesses and child cares offer Group Health Benefits and by doing so will help your business remain competitive
  • Expenditures toward group health benefit plans are tax deductible as a business expense.

What are the advantages of offering Group Health Benefits through the AECEA Membership Benefits Program?

  • Affordable: Lower premium rates because of the overall size of the program;
  • Comprehensive: Benefit options include prescription drugs (drug card) and other health benefits, dental, eye glasses, life and disability insurance, out-of-province/country medical, employee & family assistance program, etc.;
  • Flexible: Customization of plan design;
  • Easy: On-line administration and claims handling.
  • Discounts: Employees whose organization participate in the Group Health Benefits program are eligible for a discount on their professional memberships ($95.00/year, down from $125.00)

Does my group qualify for coverage?

  • Organizations, agencies or businesses with an AECEA Associate Membership are eligible to participate;
  • Certain guidelines exist pertaining to employee participation and employee/employer cost sharing arrangements.

How much does a Group Benefits plan cost?

Cost will depend on a number of factors (plan design, group demographics, single vs. family coverage, etc.) but will start at an average cost of $100-125 per employee/month (lower for single coverage and higher for family coverage)

How do I receive a quote for my Group?

To receive a quote, select either Option 1 or Option 2. You will be contacted shortly thereafter for additional information:

If you have questions, please contact Kyle at 780-784-2610 (toll-free at 1-866-525-5055), or via email: