Jasper Community Child Care Strategy 2023-2027

Exciting new report from the town of Jasper titled “Jasper’s Community Child Care Strategy 2023-2027”. This report is an example of how Alberta municipalities can be a strong voice for creating child care access in their communities.


Jasper Council’s committee of the whole was presented with a report entitled “Context and Considerations for Creating a Jasper Early Learning and Child Care Strategy” on Dec. 13, 2022.

The report was created at the request of council when they approved administration’s engagement with the University of Alberta Community-University Partnership (CUP) in an effort to create a Jasper Early Learning and Child Care Strategy. The 35-page document was compiled by the CUP and presented to council by the organization’s director, Karen Edwards, and one of the document’s authors, Mary-Frances Smith.

Jasper’s Five-Year Community Childcare Strategy is anchored in the recommendations from the Jasper Early Learning and Child Care (ELCC) Report by the CUP. Five main categories were used when devising Jasper’s strategy. Those categories are accessibility, affordability, flexibility, inclusivity and quality. The strategy will guide the Municipality’s efforts to support ELCC programs and services. The strategy builds upon the foundation of work undertaken to date and sets the framework for continued action in this area for years to come.

The report can be found on the Town of Jasper website at Municipality of Jasper - Plans and Reports