Professional Development Funding for Post-Secondary Courses!

Would you like to continue your ELCC education but require financial assistance?

Child Development Assistant

Child Development Worker

Child Development Supervisor (up to $1,000 per year)

Eligible education for Child Development Supervisors must focus on management, leadership, administration, early childhood education and pedagogical leadership to enhance quality in child care programs, ensuring programs have enhanced capacity to provide stronger oversight and accountability to family day home standards and legislated requirements for licensed child care.  A simple online application form must be filled out prior to the start date of the course.

Eligibility for CDS funding

As determined by Alberta Child Care Licensing, Human Services, Child Development Supervisors (CDS) working in child care, out of school care and as family day home consultants are eligible for this professional development funding. These individuals must have a valid Child Development Supervisor certificate issued by the Alberta Child Care Certification office who are:

  • working as a paid staff member or family child care consultant/coordinator in a licensed child care program or contracted family day home agency in Alberta; and
  • working a minimum of 80 hours a month in a licensed child care program or family day home agency; or 40 hours each month in a licensed out-of-school care program.

** CDS day home providers and CDS working in preschools do not qualify for this funding Please submit your application through our online forms today! PD Funding Grant Application