Early Childhood Educator: Workforce Development Survey


As part of the Alberta-Canada Early Learning and Child Care (AC-ELCC) agreement, Children’s Services is engaging with child care sector stakeholders to explore a wide variety of topics to create a system that supports families, early learning professionals and the sector as a whole.  

This phase of the engagement focuses on strategies proposed to meet Alberta-Canada Early Learning and Child Care agreement goals related to workforce development. As an Early Childhood Educator, we would like your feedback on issues and opportunities to grow both the Early Childhood Educator workforce and certification policy. This survey is intended for Early Childhood Educators. Future phases of engagement will provide more opportunities for involvement.  

The Government of Alberta signed the Alberta-Canada Early Learning and Child Care agreement on November 15, 2021. This made-for-Alberta agreement will invest approximately $3.797 billion into the Alberta child care sector over the next five years. This deal is part of the Government of Canada’s $30 billion commitment to establish a Canada-wide child care system that will decrease parent fees to an average of $10/day by 2026.   

For more information on the agreement, please visit here.