Qualified Educators, Quality Care - AECEA's Mandate Document

The Association of Early Childhood Educators of Alberta (AECEA) is a member-based non-profit society that advocates for a well-educated, well-supported and well-remunerated early learning and child care workforce.

AECEA believes that a qualified workforce is the foundation for a high-quality child care system. This document defines AECEA’s role, value and authority within this system. It summarizes the association’s history and operations and outlines its vision, mission and goals. It describes the association’s efforts and accomplishments in five key areas of its work on behalf of Alberta’s early childhood educators:

  • leadership and planning. AECEA uses the latest research to develop strategic and operational plans for the association. It empowers its members and inspires them with the confidence they need to help the association realize its goals.
  • advocacy. AECEA uses persuasive communication, negotiation and partnership-building to advocate on behalf of Alberta’s early learning and child care workforce. It builds public and political awareness and understanding of the need to recognize early childhood educators as professionals.
  • system building. AECEA recognizes that professional early childhood educators are the foundation of a well-functioning, high-quality early learning and child care system that serves the public good. It understands that the pieces of the system are interconnected. Its direct message to early childhood educators is that increasing their education will lead to an increase in compensation, better working conditions and better outcomes—both for the workforce and for the children and families it serves.
  • professional learning and support. Ongoing professional learning ensures that early childhood educators have access to the latest research and best practices in the field. This supports continuous improvement in the quality and delivery of child care programs and creates the best possible outcomes for children and families. AECEA sponsors conferences, workshops and Leaders Days that provide professional learning for its members. It also administers the Government of Alberta’s professional development grant program for child development supervisors.
  • communication and public relations. AECEA uses a variety of communication networks to share research and information across the early learning and child care sector. It actively solicits its members’ opinions and develops programs and policies that respond to members’ needs. AECEA also builds public and political awareness of the issues that face the early learning and child care workforce and the broader early learning and child care sector.

Over the long term, AECEA’s mission is to transform Alberta’s early learning and child care workforce into a profession. This document outlines AECEA’s ten-year framework for realizing this goal. The success of AECEA’s work will ensure that Alberta’s early childhood educators are highly qualified, competent and well-paid professionals who are respected for the important work they do. AECEA’s success will also ensure that Alberta’s children and families have access to the high-quality child care system they deserve.

Quality child care is a matter of importance for all Albertans. The issues reach far beyond AECEA to every part of society. Quality child care increases female labour force participation and helps to eliminate poverty. It creates jobs and stimulates economic development. It helps to build strong families and strong communities.

Public support for high-quality child care means support for Alberta’s early childhood education workforce—and social justice for all citizens of the province.

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Using this document as the foundation, AECEA will be conducting consultations across the province to engage the workforce in discussions about AECEA's 10-year plan and learn from you about your aspirations for ELCC in this province. We hope to see you there.

Any questions on the document can be sent to info@aecea.ca.